In the first few weeks, student is taught about the basics of the language such as pronunciation and construction of alphabets,words,numbers and so and so forth.The fact is that even the below average students has the command over its local or native language.So, Lessons are taught by correlating the topics with it.Aside from that, Multimedia lessons (Videos and Audios) are provided periodically to visually understand the topic. Literacy rate is one of the imperative factors to raise the economy of the nation.Mr. Keshav Jain (Founder & C.E.O) constantly emphasizing on exploring the best out of the young students.

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages.

Whether it is about becoming the mentor by directing the Bhagwan Mahavir Public School,Banga or paving the path to be future engineer or doctor under the label Gyan Gurukul, he is putting paramount efforts to align the energies in the right direction.In addition to it, IIFL is also an effort to dense the branches of education. The idea came in the mind while it was found that there is immense need of learning foreign language if student wants to get superior career opportunities. More than 50% of India’s Youth moves to abroad but don’t able to excel their career as they don’t have good command over the local language of foreign country.So, To eradicate this, Mr. Keshav Jain decided to start an Institute that would help them to be dab handed in foreign language.